Eltex General Store

The General Store with everything for the farm & ranch, plus more! Located between Elgin and Manor Texas. Ask them about special orders! Complimentary coffee and donuts on Saturdays. Specializing in quality feeds from Pilgrim’s Feed, Ful-O-Pep, Petrus, Progressive Nutrition, and Surefed.

Capitol Area Quarter Horse Association

The Capitol Area Quarter Horse Association was formed in 1984 by a group of dedicated Quarter Horse owners living in central Texas. CAQHA was created to support and develop the Quarter Horse industry by producing quality events and providing educational information to its members.

Premier Performance Horses

With nearly 10 years experience in the horse industry, Melissa has established herself as a proven trainer, instructor, and accomplished rider. Melissa has trained with professional horsemen and women from California to Tennessee.

Oxyfresh, Inc

For over 20 years, Oxyfresh customers have enjoyed fresh breath, white teeth and bright smiles. Their dogs and cats have fresh breath too ??? and live longer as a result. Oxyfresh customers enjoy greater longevity and vitality through the power of Russian adaptogens and they lose unwanted weight with a water supplement that includes the South American herb, Yerba Mat??.

The Employee Store at Dell

The Employee Store at Dell is an online shopping experience for everyone, not just Dell employees, to purchase Dell items. Items promotional apparel, office accessories, sports gear, trade show and events, and promotional items. Go check out their site and see all the neat items you can get for the whole family!

Ultimate Gamers Challenge 2005

The Ultimate Gamers Challenge 2005 was held in late December 2005 and was a show it turned out to be! From Quake 4 Tournaments, Grand Turismo Tournaments, BYOC Tournaments, and a ton of prizes and giveaways, Ultimate Gamers Challenge will no doubt be another big hit in 2006. Stay tuned!